Delicate Development: Blog en-us (C) Delicate Development (Delicate Development) Sat, 08 Jul 2017 00:28:00 GMT Sat, 08 Jul 2017 00:28:00 GMT Delicate Development: Blog 120 80 The Lucitones cd release party at the silver bullet The other weekend I had the chance to get out and attend an event at the Silver Bullet Bar a cd release party for a local band from the beautiful Flathead valley Montana.

Heading out with my buddy I grab my camera and do my usual check battery memory card settings blah blah of you course I got to snap a shot or two and make sure the damn thing works.



not bad for a shot from a moving car lucky for me Montana sunsets were working with me.

Once at the bar saw a lot of my buddies and ordered some good old PBR after a bit of chatting the group that was there, Sunless, was on stage so I made my way up to the front.



Ran into my friend Jess known her for years she is rocking out as always and since I am a gimp with a stick for the moment its good to know when you may need a shoulder to lean on while trying to get a shot



The band finished up and headed out to the porch for a bit and there he was, the man, Mr Kenny Stiffler the hardest working band Promoter in the Valley


Not sure what I like the most, Kenny's grin or the other dude's slayer shirt. But seriously if your looking for help getting your band promoted in the Flathead valley give this man a shout.

Headed back in, the place was getting packed waiting for the Lucitones to come on.


Noticed my one buddy sitting there and had him stand on a stool to get some shots of the crowd


Thanks Chris for the help with pictures.


Started making my way up to the front noticed this dude.

Love the shirt


And the band started to play the sound was deafining but amazing


Ladies and Gentleman and whoever else is reading this and made it this far into this

The Lucitones







The show was great, packed house, great way to end the night


If your in Montana or planning on coming check these guys out. Here is a link to their Facebook page


Since I did mention Kenny and your looking to get an event promoted or your band wanting to play in the valley this man may be able to help and here is how:

Also if your looking for other music options in the Flathead there is a link set up for music events at:


For some other photos from that  night, you can check out the provided link,  please note all photos are copyrighted please check with photographer on usage. If you looking to have an event covered or having other promotional photos done you can email the photographer through this website.

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far and your getting out to check out some of the local artists in where ever your travels may take you.


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Hike into Henline Falls. Last week the weather broke and left a couple days of some great sunshine. I had a last minute cancellation of a photoshoot since all my gear was already packed up I wanted to get out and do some shooting so I contacted my friend and we had decided on a place to hike to. We choose Henline falls in the Opal Creek forest outside of Salem, Oregon.

We had typed in destination into google maps and headed out. Once somewhere off some highway outside of Salem we stopped for some great jerky at this little butcher shop and kept traveling. After a while we ran outside of cell service still following what google maps said to go we kept driving. We had reached the spot where google maps said the trailhead was and we right in the middle of no where (sometimes its a good place to be). We decided to keep driving and kept creeping up this rough road with some of the biggest pot holes out there. My chevy was holding up like a champ and i was having fun navigating the ditches and huge holes. We finally noticed a sign and about half mile past that was the trailhead.

The hike in was nice about a mile in before the falls. When we arrived at the falls there was an old concrete block there and I tied up my assistant to it and started setting up my stuff for some waterfalls shots.
Nanook always loved being out in the woods and kept a smile on his face the whole time we were shooting.


My assistant Photo by Jeremy


Tried a couple of shots with a few different shutter speeds vertical and horizontal formats Henline FallsHenline Falls Henline FallsHenline Falls


and of course I snaped a couple shots of my friend Jeremy Henline FallsHenline Falls


Playing around with a polizer filter Henline FallsHenline Falls Henline FallsHenline Falls Henline FallsHenline Falls


Some black and white edits Henline FallsHenline Falls

Henline FallsHenline Falls


If you would like to purchase any prints they are found in the landscape section of my website. Thank you for reading this please comment and let me know what you think.

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Blackout fashion show 4 A couple weeks ago my self and one other photographer Jeremy Hill of Side of Soul photography were the photographers at the Black out fashion show held at the Q Nightclub in Vancover Washington. This is an annual event that Mr. Keith Weldon puts on showcasing some of his fashion designs from This year there were also models showcasing swimsuits designs from Conceit Bathing Suits by TrinityStars. 


Here are a couple of images from the models getting ready and having fun before the show starts. 


peep a booblackout fashion show

IMG_4773IMG_4773blackout fashion show

IMG_4799IMG_4799blackout fashion show


The fashion series by

IMG_4839IMG_4839blackout fashion show

IMG_4840IMG_4840blackout fashion show

IMG_4843IMG_4843blackout fashion show


IMG_4853IMG_4853blackout fashion show

IMG_4863IMG_4863blackout fashion show


IMG_4896IMG_4896blackout fashion show

IMG_4913IMG_4913blackout fashion show

IMG_4923IMG_4923blackout fashion show

IMG_4877IMG_4877blackout fashion show

IMG_4943IMG_4943blackout fashion show


Finally the Swin suit designs by Trinity Stars 


IMG_4976IMG_4976blackout fashion show

IMG_4979IMG_4979blackout fashion show

IMG_4992IMG_4992blackout fashion show

IMG_4997IMG_4997blackout fashion show

IMG_5001IMG_5001blackout fashion show


IMG_5023IMG_5023blackout fashion show

IMG_5027IMG_5027blackout fashion show

IMG_5037IMG_5037blackout fashion show

IMG_5005IMG_5005blackout fashion show

IMG_5009IMG_5009blackout fashion show

IMG_5042IMG_5042blackout fashion show

IMG_5059IMG_5059blackout fashion show

IMG_5069IMG_5069blackout fashion show

IMG_5077IMG_5077blackout fashion show

Ms. Trinity Stars 

IMG_5100IMG_5100blackout fashion show


Hope you all enjoyed this blog posting stay tuned in for some more as I continue different events, models, and other portrait sessions. Feel free to add Kevin Bartsch on Facebook to see some more of my other work. 

If your needing a photographer for any event, portfolios, or would like to purchase some you can go to the contact section on this site and shoot me a message. 


Kevin Bartsch 

Delicate Development



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Diamond Girls of Dallas One my trip to Texas A few months back I go the pleasure of being able to work with some very stunning models from the Dallas area. The Diamond Girls, the modified beauties of Diamond Tattoo Parlor. 

I had met a beautiful model named Cherry Heroine off of Model Mayhem and she had told me about the event. The way she described it sounds like something I definitely did not want to miss.  As the Sunday approached I left my hotel in Las Colinas and Headed to downtown Dallas getting lost along the way exploring the city. 

The event was held at Skin Deep Studios in Dallas. Cool studio in a tall building with a very nice coffee shop downstairs. We met up in the room where the photographers were signing up I checked in then headed up stairs to check out the studio space 

The first model I got to work with was Trixy Krow in a bad ass graffiti scene that was painted on one of the Studio Walls 




Time for round two I a model by the name Sadie Brox walked out in a colorful Pink bikini top and yellow bottom 


Took a bit of a break after that and checked out the place and talked with some other photographers and models that were there. While hanging out in the other room some of the models other models were letting some of the other photographers work with them while waiting for their next sets to start. I met a beautiful model named Mason and was able to snap a couple quick photos while waiting for my next set to begin 



Loved her dress  then Model Misha Mouse was finishing a set with another photographer and agreed to do some photos was able to grab a couple quick shots using my off camera flash I brought with to work on some harsh shadows 

and of course one in using the window to add some back lighting then with some quick edits to a sepia tone to really add a nice effect 


After this it was time to head back up to other studio with my first shoot with cherry we had gotten the slot in the bedroom for a boudoir scene  and came up with some very elegant photos 


After talking a little bit and heading back to the other room she wanted to get some more pictures in that room we were able to come up with a few of these 

My Next set was with the stunning Vice Baby 

The last set of the night was was a talented model named Miss Misfit we had gotten selected to shoot in the corner room with some interesting props to bring into the photos



It was a fun event to be part of I had such a pleasure working and meeting all the models there and looking forward to my next trip back to Dallas, Texas. If you do make it down that way make sure you check out the Diamond Girls and grab some ink at the Diamond Tattoo Parlor.

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Hanging out in Dallas A couple weeks back I had the chance to get to Dallas Texas on business while there and staying in the town of Las Colinas. Of course I brought my camera with and snapped a few photos while out exploring the area. 

Found an amazing Pizza place down buy the little man made lake there and while walking down was able to catch a few shots of canal and this amazing bell tower 


Los Colinas -1398Los Colinas -1398


Los Colinas -1370Los Colinas -1370

This walk way made for some nice strolls at night  


after dinner one night I was walking along although I did not have my tripod when I converted this image to Black and White magic seemed to happen 



and one more 



A couple of nights later I found out about the Mustangs at Las Colinas some very cool statues by and artist named Robert Glen

at first I went there in the day time with the guys from Taiwan that I had met at the hotel 


Los Colinas -1406Los Colinas -1406 Los Colinas -1421Los Colinas -1421


Los Colinas -1425Los Colinas -1425


I knew these would be great to shoot at night so I went back a couple nights later but as travels go you find out that you forget something and the head for my tripod was back in portland but I did have my mono pod and had to see when I could do 


Los Colinas -7980Los Colinas -7980 Los Colinas -7991Los Colinas -7991 Los Colinas -8003Los Colinas -8003


Its always nice to have something so cool to shoot close by where you stay when you are out traveling but you still need to explore. In the mists of beers at hooters with my new friends from over seas (sorry but those pics went on fb) the lady recommended to go down to the deep ellum district for some music and to hang out 


Los Colinas -1467Los Colinas -1467

Los Colinas -1461Los Colinas -1461  and met this lovely lady although I didnt have any weed for her she did rap for me 

Los Colinas -1457Los Colinas -1457


I always love getting down to Texas so much culture in the state Dallas has some very exciting things to offer and I always end up meeting some of the coolest people. So stay tuned next week I will be writing about my model photo shoot with the lovely diamond girls.




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travel photography landscape edition Most photographers will often just grab their camera gear and take to the road looking for new places to shoot often times with no desination really in mind. Over the last few years I have traveled through many different states for different reasons often while the road would get long seem to drag on for days not really sure where your going to in the future or what it will happen being able to stop and take some images from the trip will always make the stops and where you decided to stop lasting memories.
In this blog there are some images from some of the places I stoppled along the way from some of my roadtrips over the last couple years. From Montana to Arizona back to the northwest from city lights to ocean beaches you never can predict where the road will take you.



Sunset on the river in Flathead Valley Montana




Orange clounds hiding behind the trees sunset desert mountainsunset desert mountain






Papago park sunsetPapago park sunset

Sunset in Papago Park In Phoenix Arizona.


avalanche falls 9-29-10avalanche falls

Avalanche Falls Glacier National Park


Sunset in Seaside Oregon



California Blue Skies


Thank you for taking time to check out some of my pictures from travels. With the the next couple of months I will be putting together one of my travels in europe.

Kevin Bartsch

Please feel free to contact me if you would be interested in Purchasing a print or setting up a photoshoot.



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Blackout lingerie show Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Weldon of Speakeasy Productions and being part of his annual event Blackout lingerie show. It was held at the Analog Cafe in downtown Portland, Oregon. 

Dozen Magazine was there doing interviews with the preformers models and the organizer.

Comedian D Lamont Hall was hosting the event as well as doing a bit of stand up comedy
Speakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie

The Hip Hop sensation out Salem Oregon Mr. Devitto Pentell

Speakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie

The runway fashion shows and the Models

Speakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie


Speakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie


Speakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie


Speakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie


Speakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie


Speakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie

Speakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie


Speakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie

Speakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie

Speakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie

As they all gather on stage for introductions and one last applause


Speakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie

Speakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie

Speakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie

Speakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie showSpeakeasy lingerie

I hope everyone enjoyed this new blog if your interested in attending this years Blackout fashion show it is being held at the Q nightclub in Vancover August 23rd.

Attached at some links to videos produced by Speakeasy films from the event.


For tickets for the this years event can be purchased at

Hope to see you all there

Kevin Bartsch


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The Led Zeppelin Experience featuring No Quarter A couple months back I had the pleasure to work with a tribute band No Quarter rocking the classic sounds of one the most iconic and most influential bands of rock n roll history Led Zeppelin. The performance was held at the Cystal Ballroom in Down town Portland Oregon on the greatest places that I have been to see any show.

As the crowd had packed the house the night I was met at the door by the bands promotor John Garnett then taken in to get my VIP pass meet the band and given a tour of the backstage area. After a brieg introduction I proceeded to the floor to grab some shots of the opening band.



No QuarterNo QuarterNo Quarter No QuarterNo QuarterNo Quarter


No QuarterNo QuarterNo Quarter


After getting a couple of test shots to check the lighting and see some of the best places that I would be able to get some shots of the band I headed down to talk with the band and see some of the preperations that they were going through to get ready for the show.


No QuarterNo QuarterNo Quarter

The Make up getting ready for stage

No QuarterNo QuarterNo Quarter

No QuarterNo QuarterNo Quarter

Group shot before the band taking the stage along with some fans and the promoter John Garnett 

As the band gets ready to take the stage the you could feel the crowd in anticipation for the show to begin.

No QuarterNo QuarterNo Quarter


No QuarterNo QuarterNo Quarter

The Jimmy Page tribute


No QuarterNo QuarterNo Quarter

The Robert Plant Tribute


And some other mesmorizing shots from the show No QuarterNo QuarterNo Quarter

No QuarterNo QuarterNo Quarter

No Quater-3No Quater-3

No Quater-10No Quater-10

No Quater-14No Quater-14

The show was amazing it brought back so many memories of listening to Zeppelin growing up. The tribute band not only had the look dead on but the sound matched the preformance exacalty. There were a couple times during the show that I sat is awe of how amazing the preformance was.

Shooting bands can be one of the most challenging things out there with the low light the movement of the band and several other variables but getting the shots of people playing and the feel they get for the music has always been one of the my favortie things to shoot.

Although sometimes it hard to get passes into shows to be able to shoot my dealings with the band and the producer John Garnett was one of the most pleasant expereinces I have ever had. If you know of a band out there other want to see other prodcutions please check out his company MYNDSET MANAGEMENT.

If you like some of these shots the rest of the photos and more shots of the backstage preps along with the makeup crew and other pictures are linked under the band section of my photo page. And as always thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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The Road Home Hi folks as some of your might know about a month ago i had to make the trip back to Montana my home state for some family matters. Of course being a photographer at heart I had to stop and take some photos along the way.

Where I grew up in Montana is just outside of beautiful Glacier National Park. One of my favorite spots to shoot is Lake Mcdonald. I have hundreds of shots but this time I decided to stop and play around with my self timer and remote on the dock.



Meditation Lake Mcdonald Glacier National Park

On the Saturday night in a small town of Coram Montana a little ol bar by the name of the stonefly was having a metal show my friends drug me quite willing to the show. With one of my true passions for shooting people in events is band photography as some of you can probably tell from my posts in other sites.

There was a great local band out of Whitefish Montana called Uncommon Evolution

And a band from the streets of Hollywood CA decided to make the journey to Montana called Stiched up Heart They had such energy on the stage and not much lighting but I was able to capture some amazing shots of the group.


BandBandMetal Heads Unite

BandBandMetal Heads Unite

After all fun and games aside it was that time to make the big trip back to Portland Oregon after a couple of great weeks back in Montana

When Leaving the beautiful Flathead Valley I decide to go To a place I have not been since it was first built a couple of years ago

The Garden of a 1000 buddas in Arlee Montana (little known fact the dali Lama came to this place I believe in 2010)










After a nice conversation with a monk there and a little meditation I decided to hit the road and progress on my way a couple miles down the road from this is an old church called st ignatius where a cook in the 1870s painted large murals all over the ceiling in a sistine chapel manner





After saying a few prayers for some lost ones I hit the road and the next stop was Post Falls Idaho to meet up with an old friend while there decided to get some shots of the kiddos


Mine is the one is the flully one in the middle if you didnt know.

After a night in Idaho I headed west and decided to camp at the stonehenge memorial in Marryhill WA.

The view was amazing of mt hood in the distance



As night came another photographer had arrived and we were playing around doing night shots heres kinda of a fun shot we did were he flashed me a couple of times while I was doing a long exposure. IMG_0158IMG_0158



After a good nights sleep I wok up just before the sun was rising and got this great shot of sun rays comming through the openings in the walls

dawn at stonehenge\dawn at stonehenge\


After all this I hit the last two hours of the trip home for a nice long nap.

Thank you for reading my blog please feel free to comment.


All photos are copyrighted by Kevin Bartsch Photography please do use with out permission.


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Trio Night club Fashion show It was a pleasure and honor to be able to shoot another fashion show in beautiful down town Portland a few weeks back. It was Held at the trio night club and put on by chance productions.

Luna Trio nightclub Luna Dyemond

There were several models there modeling bikinis

IMG_9832IMG_9832Bikini Models



Out meeting some of the designers and being able to see there work along with working with other photographers in the area to provide a total coverage of the the show



The crowd was great and the layout of the club was amazing





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